September 21, 2020

Why become a GWO auditor/certification body?

Certification bodies are essential in the governance system of GWO Standards. Without them, training providers cannot deliver GWO training and worker safety is potentially at risk.

GWO relies on the quality and professionalism of certification bodies from around the world, who assess and observe GWO training before certifying them to deliver GWO standard course.

Certification Bodies must document their compliance with the GWO Requirements for Certification Bodies if they are to join our authorised list of organisations. Only those who have done so are permitted to audit GWO training.

What are the benefits of becoming a GWO auditor/certification body?

  • Get found by new customers: Both prospective GWO training providers and those seeking recertification must choose a supplier from the authorised list of GWO certification bodies.
  • A rapidly growing market with repeat business opportunities: 76 new training provider sites were certified in 2019. Each site/certification requires periodic recertification, plus a surveillance audit during the certification period
  • Global expansion: GWO members are committed to the adoption of GWO standards in ALL wind markets. Our members aim to

What can you do?

Check for your nearest GWO Auditor Qualification Training today!

  • Auditor Qualification Training is the best way to become an authorised GWO Certification Body. GWO runs courses online around the world. As long as your certification body and lead auditors meet the Requirements, you may be just 1.5 days' training from certifying the next generation of GWO training providers.