February 11, 2020

Update to credit card transaction fee for WINDA credits

GWO implemented changes at the end of 2019 to support exponential growth in the number of delegates and certifications worldwide.

As a result, two principal changes have impacted the purchase of WINDA credits for training providers: GWO's alignment with the UN Human Development Index (UN HDI) for the price of credits and the redistribution of transaction fees for credit card payments.

Accepting credit card payments is an industry standard and we are happy to accept a range of payment options. However, the transaction fee for credit card payment is no longer included in the price of WINDA credits, instead it is added on top of the transaction total.

This too is a global industry standard practice and the charges are made according to your card issuer's own policies. As such we request that you review your card issuer’s terms and conditions.

The change has been made for administrative purposes. Training providers will still achieve a net discount in 2020 on WINDA credits following the indexation of charges with the UN HDI.

By aligning our fees with the UN HDI, GWO can charge training providers a more appropriate fee, reflecting a globally recognised model. As ever, all GWO income is reinvested by to manage operations and pursue our mission of creating an injury-free working environment.

Purchase WINDA Credits

Those wishing to purchase 500 or more WINDA credits and receive an invoice, please write to info@globalwindsafety.org, including your company name, VAT number, Purchase Number (if required) and desired number of credits. You are welcome to place an order in advance of registering for your Training Provider account.

The following credit cards are accepted in WINDA.