March 12, 2019

Training providers: Don't delay your (re)certification

Training providers appointing certification bodies should make sure their supplier conforms to GWO's Criteria

From 1 April 2019, certification bodies must document conformity with the GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies.

GWO is reminding training providers that to become certified or to have an existing site re-certified, they should appoint a certification body that conforms to the criteria.

Certifications carried out by auditors who have not documented their conformity with the GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies may be delayed and GWO would like to remind training providers they can encourage certification bodies to complete this mandatory requirement. Once a certification body has documented its conformity to the criteria, it will be listed on the GWO Find a Certification Body page.

"It is both the responsibility of training providers and certification bodies to ensure GWO Criteria are met," says Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation.

"If your company is seeking to become GWO certified or will be re-certifying an existing site after 1 April 2019, make sure your certification body meets the GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies. Ask them if they have documented their conformity and provided this to GWO before you complete an audit. Documents can be provided after an audit, but this may delay the process of becoming certified and being granted rights to upload training records in WINDA."