June 3, 2019

Standards and criteria set for Mandarin translation

GWO has begun its first project to translate its standards and criteria into another language.

Chinese employers, training providers, instructors and workers will soon be able to complete GWO training according global standards written in their own language.

The GWO Training Committee recently approved a project to begin the translation of all training standards and criteria into Mandarin. With the support of expert document translation specialists, the project will deliver draft documentation ready for early September 2019, so that the GWO China Committee can review, verify and approve the work before implementation in October.

"This is an ambitious project requiring careful planning and verification," explains Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation. "GWO standards are designed so that learning objectives are achieved. The criteria documents ensure the surrounding governance is robust. Therefore, we will focus on ensuring that the taxonomy of this translation into Mandarin provides the standard against which an effective training can be completed and the criteria for training providers and criteria for certification bodies operate in a synchronous way with their English counterpart."

There are no current plans to translate GWO standards or criteria into other languages beyond Mandarin.