February 26, 2020

South America - the world's fastest growing market for GWO training

The amount of completed GWO training in South America rose 101% in 2019

Wind power training providers in Brazil, Argentina and Chile are pioneering the use of globally recognised safety training standards, and have become the fastest growing regions in the world for Global Wind Organisation safety and technical training.

The news emerged as GWO published its Annual Report 2019 - Safety Without Borders, which shows how companies across South America more than doubled the amount of courses they have delivered to workers, helping create a safer and more productive workforce.

In Argentina, a trio of training providers CSB Argentina, Gestión, and Salvacón, completed over 1000 GWO training courses (modules) between them, while in Chile, four training providers; Salvacon, Ingeteam, Pryas and Training Team Rescue more than doubled their activity, completing 1058 courses in 2019.

In Brazil, four additional training providers certified to deliver GWO training in 2019 and between them, seven companies completed 5679 courses. The largest amongst them were Task Academy, Storz, Qualita and PRO Altitude.