June 24, 2019

Old versions of BST and BTT no longer valid from 1st July

Basic Safety Training (BST) version 11 and Basic Technical Training (BTT) version 4 will no longer be valid from 1st July. Use of unpublished versions by GWO training providers may be considered a non-compliance.

GWO training standards are frequently updated. The above photo provides a graphical illustration of when GWO standards are published and when they will be reviewed.

This process allows for a handover period between old and new versions.

From July 1 2019, old versions of both the BST and BTT (versions 11 & 4) will be removed from our web site.

Read the latest GWO Standards here

A standard feature of GWO's review process, training providers can continue using an existing version for three months following the introduction of a new one. This process does not apply to the Criteria for Training Providers or Criteria for Certification Bodies.

Any use of unpublished versions of GWO Standards by certified training providers should be reported to the Secretariat. To file a report, please click here.

How quickly do training providers switch to a new version?

After the launch of versions 5 and 12 of the BTT and BST, GWO held a webinar explaining the changes. Afterwards, we surveyed participants to find out:

1) How quickly they planned to implement the new version:

  • Immediately = 26%
  • 0-4 weeks = 22%
  • 4-8 weeks = 22%
  • 8-12 weeks = 30%

2) Do they agree with the new changes?

  • Yes = 67%
  • No = 10%
  • Undecided = 23%