October 28, 2020

Offshore workforce supported by new outreach campaign into renewables

GWO is beginning a information campaign to support workers looking to transition from sunset industries like oil and gas into wind power

Global Wind Organisation and OSPR – The Offshore Safety Professionals Register, have announced a new content and outreach program to support the safety of workers transitioning to offshore wind.

OSPR is a membership-based body focused on offshore safety and committed to continual improvement and professional development.  OSPR’s Membership Levels are awarded based on a member's experience, training, and knowledge of the offshore environment.

The objective of the program is to share information and resources so the workforce transitioning from other industries into wind can learn more about its fundamental and unique safety requirements.

The program’s first output will be a digital event in November, supported by content to help OSPR members considering a switch to wind make an informed choice about minimum standards for safety and technical training.

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation, explained: “Offshore wind has long coveted the experienced hands of people working in sectors such as oil and gas, whose complementary skill sets, knowledge of the working environment at sea, and above all their safety mind set puts them at a natural advantage when seeking to move into renewables.

“For people transitioning from industries like this, it is even more important that GWO as the wind industry body for safety training is transparent about the new and unique risks workers will face in a wind turbine environment and the skills they will need to acquire in order to keep themselves and their colleagues safe.”

Paul Millar, Director of OSPR added "OSPR has a vision of improving the health, safety and welfare of the entire offshore workforce, and we carry out that vision by supporting our members in their professional standing, development and credibility."

“I personally transitioned from offshore oil and gas to offshore renewables. OSPR recognises the challenges and opportunities. GWO are ideal partners to support our members and other workers in that transition, as well as new starters and those transferring from other sectors and backgrounds.”