December 11, 2019

New WINDA launches On Monday December 16

GWO has migrated WINDA from a Django/Python solution hosted on Amazon Web Services to a solution based on Microsoft Azure.

WINDA has undergone a complete rebuild of the underlying database structure since August of this year.

Why did GWO rebuild WINDA?

The purpose of rebuilding WINDA on a Microsoft Azure platform has been to ensure futureproofing the application in terms of support, further development and scalability.

Originally developed by WSP Digital located in Manchester, UK, WINDA has for the past three years helped transform GWO into the organization it is today and more importantly helped increase transparency, increased worker mobility, put alight on safety training trends and needs and become universally recognized as the tool for verifying GWO training records.

To ensure that WINDA not only continues this positive path but also grow with GWO in the future, the Danish IT services company Netcompany has been tasked to rebuild and service WINDA.

WINDA has been rebuilt from scratch based on the functionality of the existing solution.

What does that mean for me?

Ideally, the underlying rebuild should not affect you at all.

Menus, icons and workflows are all the same and all data uploaded to WINDA in the past three years has been transferred to the new solution. Your log-in is the same email address and password, and you should be able to use WINDA as you always have.

When you log into the new application, you will have to accept Terms & Conditions and data privacy policy again as we are now using a different server. We haven’t changed any of the conditions for normal users.

Where WSP and Amazon Web Services previously figured as under laying data processor, these roles are now assumed by Netcompany and Microsoft. If anything, our new supplier agreements are stronger and provide slightly more security for users. They were quite strict to begin with.

What if something doesn’t work?

Despite intensive testing, we cannot guarantee that we have caught all bugs. We therefore ask for your help in finding and fixing any bugs that may still exist.

If you discover a bug, please write to and explain in as much detail as possible what happened (attach a screen shot if you can), where you experienced it and what steps you took to find the bug.

In order for WINDA to launch, WINDA will be down from Friday December 13th at 14:00 CEST until Monday December 1st, 08:00 CEST.