October 1, 2019

New Slinger Signaller/Rigger Signal Person training standard launched

The standard was created after more than 400 existing certifications were discovered in Europe alone for this type of skill set.

The GWO Slinger Signaller (AKA Rigger/Signal Person) Training Standard has been published today.  


Requiring 16 hours' instruction, GWO Slinger Signaller represents an industry approved curriculum to train technicians up to a minimum standard. Upon completing the course, a GWO Slinger Signaller will have the knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to:

1) Attach and detach the load to and from the crane lifting attachment

2) Initiating and directing the safe movement of the crane, including multiple slinger signalers during limited or blind lifts

3) Adhering to their role and responsibilities during the lift

4) Conducting visual pre and post inspection on lifting accessories and load

5) Handling of lifting accessories

6) Ensuring safe lift-off and lay down of the load

7) Slinging various types of load, based on weight, centre of gravity, shape and size

8) Carrying out generic routine lifts in accordance with the lift plan

9) Complying with instruction/procedures set up by the employer to manage lifting

10) Ensuring that equipment is properly used, maintained and defects reported