February 6, 2024

Introducing: Instructor of the Year Award

The GWO Safety & Training Awards are returning for a 3rd edition. The awards are the world’s first programme of its kind recognising the skills and impact of training providers and instructors keeping the wind workforce safe.

This year, GWO will be introducing a new category: “Instructor of the Year”. The instructor of the year award will shine a light on the excellent instructors delivering GWO training each and every day. The award will highlight the vital role GWO instructors play in ensuring a safe future for the wind workforce.

Here's how it works:

Nomination: Course participants will shortly be encouraged to nominate their instructors when they complete their WINDA feedback survey.

Official Nomination: Training centres need to validate an instructor’s nomination for them to be entered for the award. GWO will email relevant training centres between May 1st and 17th about the validations.

Judging: An external panel will assess nominees based on participant feedback and training centre input.

Winners: Shortlisted candidates will be announced in August 2024, with the grand reveal at the Safety & Training Awards Ceremony on October 9th in Orlando, USA.

Join the competition. Bring your “A” game!