January 14, 2020

GWO welcomes two new colleagues

Operations, communication and marketing support functions expand to meet demand

We are pleased to formally introduce our two most recently appointed team members at the GWO secretariat, Ilaria Gabella (picture left) and Agnes Karlsson (picture right).  

Both Ilaria and Agnes will assist the team on a part time basis while continuing their Master Degree courses in Business, Language and Culture – Business and Development Studies at Copenhagen Business School. 

Ilaria comes from Italy and will be helping with the communications and marketing of GWO initiatives. Before moving to Copenhagen in 2019, she was an intern at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Montreal, Canada, in the marketing department. Ilaria speaks Italian, English and German. 

Agnes comes from Sweden and speaks several languages: Swedish, French, Spanish, English and Danish. Following completion of her Bachelor Degree, she worked at the Embassy of Sweden in Lima, Peru, during 2019. Agnes’ primary responsibilities are to support general operations and governance systems at the GWO Secretariat

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation welcomed them both, adding: “We are very happy to have Agnes and Ilaria on our team as they begin a new journey with GWO along side their studies and look forward to helping them grow professionally in step with our organisation.”