June 17, 2021

GWO taking steps following major non-compliance at a certified training provider

The Global Wind Organisation Audit & Compliance Committee has commenced an investigation following receipt of significant evidence of a major noncompliance at a training provider.

The training provider in question is alleged to have delivered GWO certified courses at a significantly reduced timescale, in direct contravention of the GWO Requirements for Training Providers and the Basic Safety Training minimum durations prescribed in the standard.

Accordingly, GWO has suspended the training provider pending further investigation. Depending on the investigation results, GWO may need to take further steps to suspend records of training from individual course participants having attended affected courses.  

Further comments on the nature of the case are not possible currently, however, the purpose of this communication is to remind all GWO training providers and certification bodies of their obligation to meet all Requirements as mandated, and that training durations in the standards are to be adhered to strictly as minimum durations, regardless of number of participants attending a given course.

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation, explained: “Our first consideration has to be to the participants who attend safety training at a GWO certified facility. We have begun contacting those people with a valid record of training from the facility in question. GWO takes allegations of noncompliance very seriously and has a robust process in place to investigate and resolve issues.”