December 6, 2018

Members announce plans and strategy for 2019

The GWO 2019 work plan includes several new and enhanced training standards. All are the result of close collaboration between 16 globally leading wind energy companies who are the industry's largest employers.

Global Wind Organisation has announced its work plan and strategic priorities for 2019, following the association’s busiest ever year. 

New training standards for blade repair technicians and other workers across the wind energy value chain will be introduced. On April 1 2019, the GWO Blade Repair training standard will be unveiled, in addition to a new installation module of the Basic Technical Training (BTT) Standard.

The Basic Safety Training (BST) standard and existing BTT modules will be updated with new versions issued.

Follow this link for information about how and when new GWO standards and version updates are required to be implemented.
Eloy Jauregui - "members are committed to developing globally recognised training standards"

Eloy Jauregui, Chairman of Global Wind Organisation and Health & Safety Representative at Acciona Energia, said: "Our members’commitment to creating a safer and more productive workforce through the standardization of safety and technical training will continue. Meanwhile, we will support the development of new training sites around the world, to ensure a globally recognised standard of training is available for workers, wherever they are."

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation, explained: “Our work plan in 2019 has been agreed by 16 globally leading companies, who are the world’s largest employers in windenergy. There will be a mixture of projects reaching completion – like the Blade Repair standard – and exciting new projects, such as the new Slinger Signaller standard.” 

GWO members have identified at least 60 individual training certificates awarded to workers carrying out slinger signaller activities.

As employers, they must review the validity and quality of these certificates one by one.

“The jobs of a slinger signaller and banksman are amongst the most important on a site and while these 60+ certifications probably represent good quality training, GWO members will seek to create a single, mutually recognized standard wherever possible," added Jakob.