September 12, 2019

GWO publishes half year 2019 results

Workforce and employers benefit as GWO training up 26% in first half of 2019

  • 35 new training providers certified in 20 different countries across five continents
  • 107,394 GWO courses completed
  • 83,980 people have a valid GWO training certificate

Thursday 12th September 2019 – Workers employed by or contracting with the world’s leading wind energy companies increasingly follow a single, global training standard.  

New figures from Global Wind Organisation (GWO), a non-profit body owned by leading turbine manufacturers and owners reveal a 26% increase in the amount of training courses delivered according to its standards.  

GWO aligns the basic training programs of its member companies into a single unified standard. The training is then recognised by the member companies, helping to create a safer and more productive workforce.

Eloy Jauregui, Director of Safety at Acciona Energia and Chairman of Global Wind Organisation, said:

“Our mission is to create an injury-free working environment for our workforce and GWO standards ensure a good minimum level of training, reducing the risk of injury. I am delighted so many people now hold a GWO certificate. Our task remains to make GWO standards available to everyone, particularly in China and the Americas, where demand is very strong.”

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