April 28, 2019

GWO is peace of mind for CP La Castellana wind farm workers

On ILO World Safety Day 28.04.2019, site leaders from Argentina's new 99MW La Castellana Wind Farm explained how GWO standards help them at work. **This article has been translated from the original spanish version

Teamwork is essential in any profession, but trusting your colleagues' safety skills can be difficult without a standard to rely on.

This is particularly true in rapidly emerging markets like Argentina, where newly installed onshore wind capacity approached 500MW in 2018* and a new workforce is required to get on site quickly to meet demand.

Thankfully, workers at one of the country's largest wind farms are being trained to a standard we can all recognise. GWO training provider Gestion Y Servicios Eolicos (GSE) has been working with teams on CP La Castellana Wind Farm located in the Villarino Partido, south of the Province of Buenos Aires, training the workforce according to the Basic Safety Training standard.

Having completed the courses himself during March 2019, Gastón Weiman, Head at CP La Castellana Wind Farm (pictured), explained: "The GWO experience gives you peace of mind in your daily work.

"Whether you are working at height or doing hub maintenance, you feel more relaxed because you know how to assist yourself and your partner."

GSE is one of four GWO training providers that have opened their doors in the past 12 months in Argentina.

A spokesperson said: "Given the growth of wind projects in the country, roles such as that of Gastón, as well as those of manufacturers, managers, operators and personnel in general have increased in recent years.

"The certification of the Global Wind Organisation is indispensable for them, since it grants them the necessary qualification to access wind turbines with the basic knowledge in first aid, manual lifting of load, fire prevention and work in height according to the world standard of the wind industry itself.

"Today, April 28, ILO World Safety Day, GSE would like to greet all the workers of wind farms in Argentina, starting with Gaston, and to say how proud we are to be helping them achieve this goal."

**This article has been translated from the original Spanish. Por favor haga clic aquí para leer este artículo en español.

*Source: GWEC Global Wind Report 2018