November 4, 2019

China WindPower 2019: GWO stresses importance of safety in offshore wind

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of GWO, congratulated SHANGHAI ELECTRIC on their new offshore training site at a special ceremony during China Wind Power 2019.

GWO member company Shanghai Electric unveiled its new GWO Training Centre at the China Wind Power event in Beijing last week.

With its new training centre at the Shanghai Maritime University Campus, Shanghai Electric will add Sea Survival to the four Basic Safety Training modules offered at its existing centre in Jiangsu.  

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of GWO, emphasized the importance of training for the unique safety and risk environments encountered in offshore wind. Compared to onshore, the offshore work environment is significantly more hazardous, wherefore safety must be a top priority. "The Shanghai Maritime University site is expected to be the first in Shanghai to provide GWO certified offshore training,” said Jakob. According to China Wind, the accumulated installed capacity of offshore wind is forecast to reach 300GW worldwide. Both traditional wind power markets, such as Denmark and Germany, as well as emerging markets are expected to contribute to the enhanced growth.  

“In China, the development of offshore wind power is currently experiencing a stage of fast development with substantial market opportunities as well as technical challenges. China Wind stresses the need for increased global collaboration and technical innovation in order to ensure sustainable development within offshore wind power.”

Jakob concluded his speech at the ceremony, “Global leaders such as SHANGHAI ELECTRIC play a significant role in our mission to bring safety to all technicians in wind energy. Being a first mover, you set an example for others to follow, and your example have the power to make the wind industry in China a better and safer place – both onshore and offshore.”