March 10, 2021

GWO Blade Repair Training Standard update

The GWO Blade Repair Training Standard will launch an updated version 2.0 on April 6, following comprehensive review by a working group of subject matter experts.

Led by GWO Training Project Manager Christian Munck Jørgensen, the Working Group has delivered a handful of changes which will help training providers instruct technicians to a clearly defined level upon completion of the ten-day course.

Christian explains: “Blade repair is by nature a highly specialized role and like any GWO standard, it is important for training providers to understand precisely what is in scope of the training and what is not. We have updated the section on the limitations of the Blade Repair Standard in section 9.1 to clarify this element.”  

Other substantial changes to the standard include the removal of redundant learning objectives and the associated time allocation of element 28.3 on Trailing Edge Repair, reducing that lesson’s duration by one hour. However, rather than losing this 60 minutes it has been switched to provide participants with more contact time in lesson 24 on grinding skills, a key skill identified by the working group.

Finally, the standard has been updated to include more commonly used terminology, particularly in relation to the tools and adhesives which blade repair technicians will handle.

Thank you to our Blade Repair working group participants

Almost 1200 technicians in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Africa have completed the GWO Blade Repair Training Standard since its launch in 2019, underlining the business case for the course.

Global Wind Organisation would like to thank our members and subject matter experts for providing considerable time and resources in delivering this complex project on time for the benefit of our industry.

The Secretariat thanks each member:

  • Carlos Carbonell, GE Renewable Energy
  • Prashant Keru Jejurkar, Vestas
  • Ryan Dove, RWE
  • Jonathon Burgess, Advanced Blade Repair Services
  • Narciso Lozano, Altitec
  • Scott Bradley, AIS Training/Survivex
  • Stephen Macdonald, Maersk Training
  • Thomas Schäfer, Aeroconcept
  • Ronni Bach, TechCollege
  • Slawomir Nowak, Global Wind Consulting

Existing versions of training standards will continue to be available for a period of three months.


The GWO Secretariat will shortly host webinars to provide guidance and take questions from stakeholders. Please follow the links below to sign up.