July 25, 2022

Global Wind Organisation welcomes its 500th certified training provider

The milestone represents a significant step in the endorsement of GWO safety standards across wind industry markets globally

 Today, the GWO training provider community reached a total of 500 individual training sites, ten years after GWO was founded in 2012. The 500 training providers are spread across more than 45 countries and together are responsible for the upwards of 120,000 technicians with active GWO-certified training records.

Ann Duedahl, Chair of GWO’s Training Committee says:

“Reaching 500 GWO-certified training providers in over 45 countries is great news from quality assured safety training. We are totally confident that GWO’s international community of certified training providers is steadily reaching more trainees, giving them the training they need.

Jakob Bjørn Neilsen, GWO Chief Operating Officer, adds

“More training providers means more opportunities for trainees to train in the markets where the wind industry needs them most with recent opening strengthening training availability in Vietnam, Brazil and Costa Rica among others. Importantly it means even more wind technicians will be kept safe in the workplace because of their GWO standard training.”

This achievement is one among several recent milestones in GWO’s 10-year history.  The 100,000th technician with an active GWO-certified training record was celebrated in 2021, while Enel Green Power became the 20th member company to join GWO in 2022. Also this year, the GWO Taxonomy was added to all written standards, delivering increased consistency in language across all standards, and better guidance for instructors in conducting learning activities to meet the learning objectives.