May 14, 2020

European Wind Academy: Why we remained open during Covid-19 Pandemic

EWA quickly adapted its operations and training to mitigate infection risk from Covid-19 early in the process

Remaining open during Covid 19 was a challenging decision for GWO training provider European Wind Academy, but one taken with the safety of more than 1000 wind techs out in the field.

Attendees at GWO's second Training in the Pandemic Expert Series Webinar with EWA learned how the company quickly adapted its operations and training to mitigate infection risk early in the process. The company then opted to remain open after Polish authorities granted permission for training centres to operate during Covid-19 lockdown.

Witold Szczepkowski, Academy Manager at European Wind Academy, explained: "After patient zero in Poland was diagnosed on March 4th, we quickly implemented internal procedures and made adaptations to our training programmes to mitigate infection risk and had these in place by March 16th. We observed the situation in Poland and Europe, considered advice from the World Health Organisation and GWO as well as our own government to prepare ourselves. On March 11th, the Prime Minister announced schools would be closing and we were given the option to introduce a training freeze ourselves. However, in discussion with our parent company, project managers and techs in the field we decided to stay open and ensure our more than 1000 techs were continued to be given the proper education. We decided to stay open because we need to support our business and remain operational for our employees. I think history will prove us correct because Covid-19 will stay with us for a long time and these preparations have been successful."

GWO's Expert Series Webinars continue next week, where we will speak to Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy in Orlando Florida about their recent re-opening.