February 13, 2020

Coming soon - 2019 Annual Report and Strategy

GWO reports on global training activity and future strategy

On 26th February 2020, we will release our Annual Report 2019 - Safety Without Borders.

Our yearly review of workforce, safety and training trends in wind energy, the GWO Annual Report 2019 will provide even more detail than before on the key developments you’re interested in. Plus, we’ll step beyond previous editions, by bringing news of GWO’s future strategy up to 2022.

Some key highlights in the report include:

Worldwide adoption accelerates

In 2017, 14,292 modules (12%) were completed outside Europe. By 2019, this had risen to 39,601 – almost a quarter of the global total (21%)

More training standards

Training providers are shifting from an exclusive portfolio of 4-5 Basic Safety Training (BST) modules. In 2018, BST represented 97% of all GWO training. in 2019 this fell to 89% and new training standards accounted for 11% of the total.

Organic growth

BST grew consistently in 2018-2019. An increase of 19.9% in 2018 was followed by +17.2% in 2019, as total BST certifications rose to 176,764.

Strategy 2022: Safety without Borders

We will reveal an exclusive look at the new long term strategy of Global Wind Organisation. This ambitious plan will see our members and secretariat pursuing a renewed mission to create an injury free working environment in wind.

For further insights about the Annual Report 2019 and GWO strategy 2020-2022, why not join us for our webinar on March 24? Registration is free and recordings will be available following the event if you can’t make it.