June 3, 2019

BTT and ART/EFA boost Q1 numbers in WINDA

The number of GWO-trained technicians continued to rise during the first quarter of 2019, boosted by increases in technical and advanced skills courses.

Analysis of data from certificates uploaded into the GWO Wind industry Database (WINDA), shows that more than 3000 more people hold a valid GWO record since the turn of the year, with the total number of people reaching 77683 by 31st March 2019 (+4.2%)

Notable trends include a rapid rise in delegates completing the Basic Technical Training Standard Modules. More than 2000 BTT modules(electrical, hydraulic, mechanical) were completed in Q1 2019, against a figure of just under 1200 in the previous Q4 2018.


New standards including Advanced Rescue and Enhanced First Aid which were launching in Q4 2018 were also completed in significant numbers;1781 modules were completed in the first quarter.

For Basic Safety Training, a total of 54496 modules were completed in Q1 2019 (main course & refresher). This represents a rise of 22% against the same quarter in 2018, when 42397 modules were completed.

The top 10 GWO training providers during Q1 2019 saw some changes at the top. More details and discussion of these numbers will be featured in our webinar on 6 June 2019. To find out more and to register,please visit our events page.

Top 10 GWO Training providers (all modules, excl merit) Q1 2019