August 30, 2018

Blade Repair prepares for final stages

The increasing scale of wind turbine blades is likely to drive demand for safety and technical skills. GWO's Blade Repair Standard is being developed to support members' training needs now and in the future.

The GWO Blade Repair Working Group will shortly be ready to create its first draft of the standard.

Strategic learning objectives have been agreed and will most likely form the basis of main topics including; General Safety, Composite and Construction, Materials, Tools and Equipment, Documentation and Craftsmanship. Practical exercises and evaluations will be added to the draft to complete the lesson structure.

“The main topics have now been allocated to the working group members, with individuals assigned to individual learning objectives in a collaborative framework,” says Jakob Bjørn Nielsen, Senior Training Advisor at GWO.  

“We’re looking forward to the next phase of work after we complete the learning objectives and planning. The intention is to be ready for pilot training in the first quarter of 2019 and at present we are on track thanks to the efforts of our members and the subject matter experts they have allocated to creating this training standard.