April 1, 2020

ART and EFA Standards updated today

GWO thanks its working group members for their support

We are delighted to announce the updates of two GWO training standards and their refreshers today, with the publication of Version 2 of Advanced Rescue Training (ART) and Enhanced First Aid (EFA).

The standards have been updated following their first full year of operation and GWO would like to thank the members of our ART and EFA working groups for their considerable efforts supporting the Training Development Team.

Alexander Booker, Training Project Manager is responsible for the ART Review, he explained: “Every review of GWO training standards relies on the input of working groups, so I would like to personally thank everyone for their considerable time and effort in making this happen. While the risk profile of the sector has not materially changed, we are confident the adjustments to the standards in areas such as taxonomy, improved layout and course duration will help training providers deliver their product effectively."

Jakob Bjørn Nielsen, Head of Training Development, added: “Enhanced First Aid has also been in operation for over a year and with the feedback from training providers, GWO members and the EFA working group, we have concluded only minimal changes to the standard. Our advice to all training providers delivering GWO standards is to review the change log on each document to understand the full detail you are of course most welcome to contact the GWO helpdesk with any specific enquiries.”

GWO would like to thank the following people for their contribution

Enhanced First Aid Working Group
  • Dr. Gerhard Kraus
  • Bente Boa, Ørsted
  • Bjarke Lundgaard Thomsen, MHI Vestas
  • Marion Williams, AIS Training
  • Stuart Morris, Maersk Training
  • Rene Kjer Petersen, RelyOn Nutec
  • Volker Seibert, ISC Training
  • Karys Adjei
  • Sebastian Boeken, Offtech
  • Kjetil Torgeirsen, Safer
Advanced Rescue Training Working Group
  • Christian Fabricus Hansen – AMU Vest
  • Hugo Fraga – Onrope
  • Jan Laugesen - SGRE
  • Kai Sukiennik – Vestas
  • Kris De Sutter – Rely on Nutec
  • Per Norup – SGRE
  • Per Sigmann Rasmussen – Ørsted
  • Rene Kjer Petersen – Rely on Nutec
  • Tom O’Shea - CWind
  • Troels Støttrup Jørgensen - MHI Vestas Offshore Wind