June 25, 2019

Always use the correct version of a GWO Standard

Old versions of GWO standards are available for three months, but our survey discovered 30% of training providers could be waiting up to 12 weeks to implement the new version.

GWO training standards are constantly updated. Our working groups ensure their course curricula and learning objectives reflect real risks faced by technicians in the wind energy workplace.

This is why GWO Certified Training Providers are encouraged to always use the latest version of a standard as early as possible after launch.

How quickly do training providers switch to a new version?

After the launch of versions 5 and 12 of the BTT and BST, on April 1 2019, GWO held a webinar explaining the changes. Afterwards, we surveyed participants to find out:

1) How quickly they planned to implement the new version:

  • Immediately = 26%
  • 0-4 weeks = 22%
  • 4-8 weeks = 22%
  • 8-12 weeks = 30%

2) Do they agree with the new changes?

  • Yes = 67%
  • No = 10%
  • Undecided = 23%
Always use the latest version of a GWO standard.