November 1, 2018

21 new GWO training sites opened in Q3 2018

GWO training providers opened 21 new locations between July and September 2018.

GWO training providers continue to open new sites at an impressive rate, with 21 new locations created between July and September 2018.

The numbers show an increasing trend, following 38 sites already opening during the first half of 2018.

Ten of the sites opened outside Europe, with three in the United States, one in Canada and three in Central and South America (Mexico, Brasil, Chile). Added to three new sites in Asia (China, Thailand and Japan), this is the first time growth beyond the European Union has been matched in this way.

New GWO Training Providers Q3 2018 (Outside Europe)
  • EOS Engineering & Service   Co., Ltd. Training center (Japan)
  • 3M Thailand Limited (Thailand)
  • Star Wind Energy Academy (China)    
  • HPTC -   RENEW Energy Maintenance (USA)
  • HPTC - Airway Services Inc (USA)
  • New Heights Inc & Nouvelle Hauteur Inc (Canada)
  • Safety Technology (USA)
  • Training Team Rescue SL (Chile)
  • Renewable Energy Training Mexico S. de R.L de C.V (Mexico)
  • Storz Servicos Tecnicos LTDA (Brazil)

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New GWO Training Providers Q3 2018 (Europe)
  • Emergency Control Maritime Training BV (Netherlands)
  • Uddannelsescenter Holstebro (Denmark)
  • ISC Training & Assembly GmbH Rostock (Germany)
  • Ruzgar Akademi Enerji Tekn. MUH Egitim Kontrol AR (Turkey)
  • Rig Systems Ltd (UK)
  • The TTE Technical Training Group (UK)
  • Vulcan Training Centre Sp z.o.o Sp. K. (Poland)
  • Global Wind Academy (Denmark)
  • Sydis (Spain)
  • Altiur Formacion Y Prevencion S.L (Spain)
  • SST Safety and Security Training Matrol Servicios (Spain)

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