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GWO training standards
Why training standards?
Already have similar training? 

Align your training with GWO standards

Do your employees have some training or qualifications that may be similar to a GWO standard?

We have developed a process to help you assess existing qualifications, training and curricula. 'Merit Assessment' gives you the tools and process to compare your courses with GWO standards (Gap Analysis). Your existing training can then be audited by a GWO-appointed certification body.

By the end of the process, your employees' training can be converted to a GWO certificate, with a record then uploaded into WINDA.

Who is Merit Assessment for?:
  • New GWO member companies and other organisations who wish to migrate or receive merit of their employees' existing training to GWO standard
What are the benefits?:
  • All your basic training aligned to GWO standards
  • Cost effective (Merit Assessment video audit free for member companies)
  • Add your employees' training records to the GWO database WINDA
What to do next?
  • For employers, the merit process includes a formal application and gap analysis (to identify if any gaps that may exist between your training and the relevant GWO standard). 

Employers: click here to apply for merit assessment now

Training providers: click here to learn about applying for licence to provide gap training

Need help?

Visit the Global Wind Organisation helpdesk here

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