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Requirements for Training

Steps to becoming a GWO certified training provider


There are four elements to GWO certification - can you meet them?


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Physical Resources

Your facilties should be fit for purpose, enabling consistent delivery of training and assessment in accordance with GWO Training Standard(s). 


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Management Systems

You will need an effective and formally documented system to assure quality course content, safety of training and assessment in compliance with GWO Requirements.


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Staff resources

Your organisation's staff (eg instructors) must follow the required qualification processes, in addition to national legislation and regulations in the country where you operate.


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Training + Assessment

You must demonstrate your training and assessment has been done in an orderly manner and evaluated properly.


Register with GWO's WINDA Database

From 6th September 2021, new training providers are required to be registered on WINDA by their associated auditor and in turn certification body.  Auditors will work together with new training providers in this process which will require an initial audit and other elements contained with the GWO Requirement for Training. To be certified, your GWO training operation must be audited by a certification body, which must comply with the GWO Requirements for Certification. A list of approved certification bodies who meet the GWO Requirements can be found here. If you choose a certification body that is not on the GWO list, your certification will be rejected.


Certification – start as certified provider

After your audit, your certification body will upload  your certificate to GWO's WINDA platform, along with detailed contact information for a relevant individual at your company. You must send GWO the certification annual fee of €650. GWO will then contact you and complete your registration as a training provider. Following receipt of your certificate and payment of the annual fee, you will be emailed the "Certified Training Provider" logo, your company will be displayed on the GWO Training Provider Map (subject to GWO's receipt of location data from you) and you will be granted access to WINDA


Ongoing review

GWO certification lasts for a period of two years, during which you will be subject to surveillance audits by your certification body to check the continuing quality and compliance of your service delivery. After your certification period is over, your site or sites must be re-audited by a certification body according to the current criteria.

What are the costs?

  • Companies are free to invest in their facilities, staff and other resources as they wish
  • The costs of certification and audit are made on commercial terms between a training provider and a third party certification body
  • When certified, there is an annual licensing fee of €650 payable to GWO
  • When you deliver a GWO course (module), a record of the training must be uploaded to WINDA. The fee for this transaction is calculated according to the United Nations Human Development Index on an individual country-by-country basis.
  • The price for uploading a record to WINDA ranges from approximately €4.24 to €11.00 for each module. WINDA automatically calculates the fee according to each training provider's registered location. Click here for a price list for WINDA Credits.
  • For example, if a training provider is based in the United States of America, the 2024 WINDA Upload fee is €10.13 per module. 3 x GWO modules (eg Working at Height, First Aid and Manual Handling), would result in a cost of 3 x €10.13 = €30.39

What is WINDA?

WINDA is a global database of training records. The GWO Requirements for Training Providers requires that training providers upload records of all completed GWO certified training.

Need some help?

Click here to visit the Global Wind Organisation help centre.