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GWO Annual Report 2021
Andrea scassola
By Andrea Scassola
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February 14, 2023

GWO Annual Report 2021

2021 only emphasised the strengths of the GWO community. The total numbers of individuals taking GWO training increasing by over 20% to more than 80,000 individuals, who during 2021 received in excess of 316,000 training certificates, delivered by more than 440 training centres in over 45 countries and territories. All these figures are all time highs.

Report summary

The 2021 Annual Report marks the end of year two of GWO’s three year “Safety Without Borders” strategy. At the time of its launch, two years of pandemic seemed inconceivable, but today individuals and states are still struggling. However, closer to home within the wind sector a new (nearly) normal has prevailed ensuring not only that the lights never went out, they now burn even brighter.

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