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GWO Annual Report 2019
Andrea scassola
By Andrea Scassola
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February 19, 2020

GWO Annual Report 2019

The GWO Annual Report 2019 - Safety Without Borders, represents the next step in the evolution of Global Wind Organisation. In addition to comprehensive reports on the performance of our worldwide training network, the document also details GWO members’ long-term ambitions in the form of a three-year strategy, created to more than double the size of the GWO Trained Workforce.

Report summary

In 2019, GWO training providers trained 197,281 (+28%) courses covering nine training standards and 24 individual modules. The GWO trained workforce rose almost 20% year on year to 89,183 by 31.12.2019.

Highlights from the 2019 Annual Report include:

  • Worldwide adoption accelerates: In 2017, 14,292 modules (12%) were completed outside Europe. By 2019, this had risen to 39,601 (21%)
  • More standards: Training providers are shifting from an exclusive portfolio of 4-5 Basic Safety Training (BST) modules. In 2018, BST represented 97% of all GWO training. 2019 new training standards accounted for 11%
  • Organic growth: Basic Safety Training grew consistently in 2018-2019. (+19.9% 2018 - 17.2% 2019). Total BST modules rose to 176,764.

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