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Ensuring a safe and renewable future
Andrea scassola
By Andrea Scassola
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October 4, 2021

Ensuring a safe and renewable future

Safety matters. That is why GWO was created in 2012, as a non-profit organisation formed by the largest wind turbine manufacturers and owners. Together, they introduced standards such as Basic Safety Training (BST) to ensure a baseline of competence in the industry. There should be no doubt that the standards GWO has introduced since its foundation have met the challenge to produce a framework for training that is specific to a wind energy environment. This has been confirmed by the rapidly growing network of training providers around the world, certified according to GWO Requirements. A network that is also providing affordable training to match the needs of the wind energy sector.

Report summary

In this report, GWO will underline the importance and relevance of GWO training standards. We also highlight why domain specific training is superior to training not designed for the wind industry.

Don't let the calm waters fool you. Transfer from crew transfer vessel to the base of a turbine is a high frequency, high risk activity. Only GWO Sea Survival trains workers to avoid injury when making this step.

This evidence-based argument, supported by a gap analysis with other training standards, will dispel the myth that the skills and the training in the wind sector should be the same as that for other industries.

Any delay in adopting GWO standards will cause harm to the industry.

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