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Auditor Qualification Training
For a full list of requirements, please review the GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies
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Auditor Qualification Training (AQT) ensures the quality of training delivered at GWO certified training providers is consistent and in compliance with the learning objectives detailed in the relevant standard.

Members of Global Wind Organisation recognise auditors trained in this standard as competent to audit GWO training providers and accept the auditor as possessing the required knowledge to ensure that only qualified training providers receive approval to conduct GWO trainings as duty holders. 

AQT is a relevant instrument for auditors to comply with the GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies. Key requirements of the criteria are as follows.

  • From 1 April 2019, certification bodies must document their GWO compliance with the criteria for certification bodies. Failure to do so will result in certificates being rejected.
  • The Certification body must be accredited to ISO 17021/17065 and by a signatory of the IAF MLA.
  • An ISO 9001 or similar lead auditor can cover the audit of the QMS in the administration of a Training Provider.
  • An OHSAS 18001/ISO45001 or similar lead auditor must either have completed and/or witnessed a GWO course, equivalent to the training standard the audit is performed against or complete GWO Auditor Qualification Training.