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Fixes and known issues in WINDA

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16.08.2021 Accounts incorrectly archived

On 12th August 2021, a number of WINDA account holders received automated emails explaining that their accounts had been archived due to inactivity. In most cases, this archiving was made in error and resulted in problems for training providers, course participants and employers to view, access or upload records.

As a business critical system, WINDA has a robust data back up plan which allowed for these incorrectly archived accounts to be restored within two working days, with no loss of data or access for the account holders.

The GWO Secretariat has informed directly all those who contacted our helpdesk about the problem and invites anyone who may think they have been similarly affected to email us as soon as possible.

Global Wind Organisation apologises for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

26.08.2020 Credits can now be ordered by invoice directly in WINDA

If you experience any technical issues with WINDA, please click on the help button in the corner of your browser.

The GWO training records database, WINDA, received an update last week which enables training providers to purchase credits through an invoice directly in WINDA. Training providers therefore no longer have to request credits by email to the secretariat but can choose to pay by invoice directly in WINDA when purchasing 25 or more credits. If purchasing less than 25 credits, only payment by credit card is available as an option.

As part of this process, the training provider can also choose to have the invoice issued between four currencies DKK, USD, GBP or EUR. Furthermore, the option to add own PO number is also included. This automation should help bring down wait times for purchasing credits and increase the speed of which training providers are able to upload training records.

19.05.2020 Internet Explorer no longer supported

Please note that Microsoft will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer from January2020. As a result, Internet Explorer is not a supported browser in WINDA. Using WINDA in Internet Explorer can result in missing tables and overviews. We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for the best user experience.