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Fixes and known issues in WINDA

LATEST UPDATE: 26th August 2020

Credits can now be ordered by invoice directly in WINDA

If you experience any technical issues with WINDA, please write to

The GWO training records database, WINDA, received an update last week which enables training providers to purchase credits through an invoice directly in WINDA.Training providers therefore no longer have to request credits by email to the secretariat but can choose to pay by invoice directly in WINDA when purchasing 25 or more credits. If purchasing less than 25 credits, only payment by credit card is available as an option.

As part of this process, the training provider can also choose to have the invoice issued between 4 currencies DKK, USD, GBP or EUR. Furthermore, the option to add own PO number is also included.This automation should help bring down wait times for purchasing credits and increase the speed of which training providers are able to upload training records.

Update: 19th May 2020

If you experience any technical issues with WINDA, please write to

Please note that Microsoft will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer from January 2020. As a result, Internet Explorer is not a supported browser in WINDA. Using WINDA in Internet Explorer can result in missing tables and overviews. We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for the best user experience.

WINDA has over the past month received a number of minor updates and hotfixes to address issues with regards to stability and unexpected error codes.

Currently we are tracking and working on the following identified issues:

If you experience any technical issues with WINDA, please write to

  • Slow system response times due to bug in the .Net Core platform application
  • Missing notification to requesting user when records are revoked
  • Back-end optimization

The following issues were fixed at the end of April and during May

If you experience any technical issues with WINDA, please write to

  • Password reset error – “Invalid token”
  • Expiry of training records notification email being sent repeatedly
  • Issue with third-party application causing a system crash upon reboot
  • Unable too pen receipt for purchased credits
  • Issue with uploading records with course completion after expiry date
  • Expanding view ability of previous training records with 1 year

The following issues were fixed with an update which was rolled out on Wednesday February 26, 2020

Updates and bug fixes rolled out to WINDA on Wednesday February 26 include:

  • Web API logging
  • Upload Report: Filters do not work correctly
  • Under certain conditions duplicate uploads appear in certificate and grid view
  • Text and HTML body for Emails from WINDA
  • Delegate breadcrumb is "Feebacs" and not "Feedback"
  • Refresher bulk upload not accepted
  • Handle user expiration
  • Revoke rejected/accepted emails not sent to TP's
  • API not working in certain conditions
  • Invoice is missing GWO logo
  • "Fee"on invoice should be "credit card fee"
  • GDPR: Download User Data UI change
  • Specific condition where an upload was purchased but not registered in WINDA
  • In addition to the above a number of fixes for back-end and administrative functions have also been included in Release 4.

The following issues were fixed with an update which was rolled out on Thursday February 6, 2020

The latest Release 3 fixed the following issues:

  • Unable to block Organisation users as a delegate
  • Merit Assessor Profiles in WINDA did not update properly
  • Refresher previous course valid until date text incorrect in the single upload form
  • Missing pop-up informing blocked users that they have been blocked by the delegate when searching for their WINDA ID
  • WINDA notifications doesn't include delegate's first name and last name in the notifications
  • WINDA not responding to uploads when containing special characters not included in ISO 8859-1
  • Bread crumb has wrong redirect.
  • Discarded upload displays incorrectly that a training record has been uploaded instead of discarded
  • Provides error when uploading "WINDA ID not found. Please check again" in spite of the WINDA ID existing.
  • Credit card fee on invoice
  • Bread crumb doesn't work
  • API: Search call - 'No such Winda ID' when Winda ID exists
  • Login as another TP Site location does not work
  • Incorrect bread crumb search tab gives error
  • DBA - VAT number override when creating/editinga TPs
  • TP - Cancel revoke does not work
  • The "error report" does not include data regarding calculated expiry date
  • API: Search function - some records are returned as null or not returned at all
  • Search history is not registered when bulk searches are made
  • Quickpay order does not push out credits due to bug in communication with 3D secure
  • WINDA too slow - 502 error
  • Error message when attempting to purchase credits
  • BMT module showing up in overview,accreditation bulk upload page etc.
  • Reset password function does not send a notification mail

In addition to the above fixes, the release also contained a number of bug fixes for the back-end of WINDA.

The following issues were fixed with an update which was rolled out on Wednesday, January 22nd 2020

  • 3D Secure rejection handling for Quickpay did not provide proper response
  • API Training providers and organisation users cannot use the Search functionality (the table view in the Search training records page does not work for now, this will be fixed in a coming release.)
  • Credit order page on TP profile incorrect as price with VAT id displayed in “unit price”
  • Billing information fields are outside the box
  • WINDA logout interval too short
  • Upload report only contains uploads from the user themselves and not all users of the TP profile(s)
  • Creation of unsearchable WINDA ID's
  • DBA - Cannot revoke training records
  • First name and Surname labels switched in grid view when searching for a delegate
  • Training record search results do not show amber color when expiring in less than two months
  • Notification mails regarding "Training Records Expiring soon" are not working properly
  • Wrong expire date on the PDF certificate
  • Input fields accepts other than ISO8859-1 characters
  • The "error report" does not include data regarding the additional types (valid)
  • Trying to activate account twice: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
  • Generate upload report provides an empty report
  • Preview report after entering WINDA ID gives a DatabaTables warning
  • Organisation - Expired activation mails should fail
  • API: Users cannot authenticate and use API
  • Organization users cannot find their ID in the site URL
  • Delegate - The presented date in "Course Date" for providing Feedback is incorrect
  • Cancel change request is missing the URL in the notification mail
  • Map of training providers only show 10 entries due to pagination
  • Bulk upload - courses are wrongly recognized as duplicates
  • The link in the GWO certificate does not work
  • Cannot search for WINDA-IDs in the uploads list
  • Updating info creates an error (Organisation user - Manage my profile)
  • Delegate changing user access to “Searches on me” - cannot save the changes
  • Organisation - The API returns an error when trying to access data
  • Training Provider - A bulk upload data file needs to support several data separators
  • A credit card fee may be applied when purchasing credits in WINDA. This fee is levied by the issuing credit card company and not by GWO.
  • Microsoft has announced that they are no longer supporting Internet Explorer from January 2020. WINDA has therefore not been optimized to run on this browser and some functionality will not work when using Internet Explorer. GWO therefore strongly recommends that you use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome when using WINDA.

The following issues were fixed with an update which was rolled out on Wednesday, December 18th 2019

  • Searching on Training Providers on the map does not work properly as the search cannot locate data in paginated pages.
  • Training Provider registration error when attempting to sign up without registering courses
  • Spelling errors
  • Cannot upload bulk uploads with a (.) in the file name
  • Delegate feedback average not calculated properly
  • Delegate feedback on multiple courses fails
  • Error when Delegate changes email address on profile
  • Possible to submit survey with no scoring
  • Requesting an upload report as a training provider provides and error
  • Feedback surveys in draft status calculated into the average score of the training provider
  • Search functionality available for organizational users after logging out
  • Quickpay gateway issues when 3D secure is requested results in transaction being received but credits not delivered to the account
  • Users cannot change password without receiving “Invalid token” error.  
  • Users cannot change password without receiving “Salt” error.  
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