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WINDA for Training Providers

Only GWO certified Training Providers who fulfil the requirements of the GWO Criteria for Training Providers are eligible and in turn required to use WINDA. 

As a Training Provider – WINDA has one primary function, which is to upload training records of Delegates who have passed a GWO Training Module. 

You can also use WINDA to complement your existing management system and keep track of Delegates as well as verifying their training status.


Training Providers will only be allowed to upload records in the GWO Safety Training Standards to which they have been certified.
The current set of GWO Training Standards which Training Providers can be certified in are:

  • First Aid which in WINDA uses the upload course code FA (FAR for refresher)
  • Fire Awareness which in WINDA uses the upload course code FAW (FAWR for refresher)
  • Manual Handling which in WINDA uses the upload course code MH (MHR for refresher)
  • Working at Heights which in WINDA uses the upload course code WAH (WAHR for refresher)
  • Sea Survival which in WINDA uses the upload course code SS (SSR for refresher)
  • Basic Maintenance Training which in WINDA uses the upload course code BMT

After a Delegate has passed a Training Module, Training Providers must upload the following information within 10 working days either as a single upload or using the bulk upload option:

  • The Delegate’s WINDA ID
  • Course code
  • Course completion date
  • If the course is a refresher course, the previous certificate's "valid until" date must also be uploaded

All data entered into WINDA must be in English.

If you are expecting to upload multiple records, we recommend using the bulk upload option. The bulk upload function uses a CSV. file format and you will be able to download a standard template, fill it out and upload records into WINDA.

If you need to upload and search for large amounts of records you can choose to do so through an API.
If you want to use the API function, you will have to hold the costs for development yourself. For technical specs to develop your API function, please contact the GWO secretariat at 

All training that is completed on October 17, 2016 and onwards must be uploaded into WINDA. No historical records will be added to WINDA, as all Delegates will have their new/refresher training records added to WINDA within two years after launch.


You must pre-purchase credits in order to upload records into WINDA. Credits can be purchased in WINDA when you are logged into your WINDA profile. One credit equals one record upload. 

The fee for credits is set by the GWO Steering Committee. The current fee is set at 10 Euro per credit.


The WINDA ID is the Delegate’s unique identification number. All Delegates must provide their WINDA ID prior to leaving the Training Provider, if they wish to have their training accepted by GWO. 

In order to comply with international data protection and privacy rules, the Delegates themselves will have to create a profile in WINDA in order to receive a WINDA ID. The process is automated and instantaneous and the same WINDA ID follows the Delegate through their career in the wind industry. 

The WINDA ID is a unique random and system generated number which serves as the main Delegate identification. It is therefore important that all parties are made aware of the importance of this ID and that it will be requested by Training Providers and organisations who may need to access and search the Delegates’ training records.

How do you access WINDA?

You need to register as a Training Provider at via the “Register” option. Choose to be registered in WINDA as a Training Provider and fill out the required information including the attachment of your GWO certificates in a PDF format. 

You can watch the tutorial for how you register as a Training Provider in WINDA here.

Once your application has been reviewed and you have been verified as a GWO certified Training Provider, you will be sent an e-mail requesting you set up the account. This will include confirming details of the Training Provider's administrator.

You must only register one Training Provider account for each training site in WINDA. If you have multiple Training sites, each site must create their own WINDA account and purchase their own credits. 

The Training Provider administrator can invite other users to the Training Provider's WINDA account and when doing so, choose their access and abilities in WINDA, such as whether or not a particular user is allowed to upload records and purchase credits.

Only GWO certified Training Providers that have a certificate on file at the GWO secretariat and has paid the annual licensing fee will be granted access to upload records into WINDA.

Expiry of your profile

If you are not active on your account for 24 months your account will expire. You will automatically be notified in advance when your account is about to expire. Please log in to your account on a regular basis to avoid expiry. GWO will not be able to reactivate expired accounts.

Please note – all Training Providers will need to confirm acceptance of the applicable fees, Data Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions for access and use of WINDA before the account can be fully set up and uploads are allowed.


As a GWO certified Training Provider, you are responsible for informing your internal administrators, who may have responsibility for bookings and uploading records, as well as your customers. You are best placed to know how and when to inform your customers – but you are encouraged to inform them at the time of booking about WINDA and that they need to register in WINDA as a Delegate and provide you with their WINDA ID.

Further information
Please contact GWO by e-mail at

Want to learn more?

Please read the current GWO Standards and Criteria or see our in-depth FAQ-section. 
You are always welcome to contact the GWO secretariat here.

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