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Criteria for Training Providers

This document stating the requirements and criteria for Training Providers has been approved by Global Wind Organisation’s Steering Committee.

The purpose of this document is to provide information and guidance on 
fulfilling the requirements for certification of a Training Provider offering GWO 
training. It is intended for use by organisations looking for their first 
certification as well as organisations seeking re-certification 

Updated Criteria for Training Providers

On April 25 2018, GWO released the Criteria for Training Providers Version 6. 

This version of the Criteria for Training Providers will enter into full effect on October 1, 2018, replacing version 5. Version 6 can be used from the date of this release.

Please refer to the change log at the beginning of the criteria document.

GWO Training Provider Criteria version6 18april2018

Download PDF: Version 6 of the Criteria for Training Providers.

You can find our Code of Conduct on our Audit & Compliance Committee page here

Want to learn more?

Please read the current GWO Standards and Criteria or see our in-depth FAQ-section. 
You are always welcome to contact the GWO secretariat here.

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