Statistics and publications

GWO Q1 2017 Report

Following the first full quarter of operations, GWO is happy to release the first report on training statistics retrieved from the WINDA database.

The intention behind the report is to contribute to increased transparency on GWO safety training and shed a light on how many training modules are taken, where and when they are taken and who the Delegates are.

This WINDA report is the first to be released and GWO will on a regular basis issue a WINDA report on GWO training. The purpose is that over time, GWO will be able to provide more and more detail and insights regarding the specifics on training.

This first version, though a Q1 report, also contains numbers from the launch of WINDA, meaning that it covers almost 6 months of records uploaded to WINDA.

The report provides interesting statistical insights about the use and acceptance of GWO training across the wind industry.