Workforce Training Standards

John Barrie, Chair of GWO Training Committee, Global Head of Training, Vestas Service

We asked John Barrie to Share his Thoughts on Last Year

What were the training committee’s priorities for 2021?

Last year, I’m pleased to say, we saw real structural development of the Committee in terms of both the industrialisation of standards and shifting to a more flexible, agile way of working. Improvements which flowed out into the standard’s working groups and, of course, the Secretariat’s development work.

Which GWO programme stood out for you and why in 2021?

The real stand out in 2021 for me was the visible progress made in the COHE and Lift Standards which will really take us to the next level. Building the common ground between multiple stakeholders, national regulations and the variety of (especially lift manufacturers) technical requirements was never going to be easy but the pragmatic approach taken has paid dividends. These standards will be absolute game changing at the operational level. 

What’s next for your committee?

The committee is really excited about the new competency development framework programme currently in scope. This will create a framework for robust and user-friendly pathways to help skilled workers transition in from other sectors. I’ve high expectations that this timely project will facilitate the onboarding of new talent our industry needs.