From The Regional Committees, China

Qin Hayan, General Secretary of the Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA) and Director of China General Certification Center

GWO members in China made continuing progress towards establishing common standards for safety training in wind during 2021.This ambition is supported by ongoing projects deployed from the GWO China Committee Secretariat in Beijing. These projects have two objectives: the growth of our membership and the expansion of our GWO certified training provider network. 

I am pleased to report a further seven new training providers were certified across the year, bringing the total network to 16 at 31.12.2021 and our pipeline is strong with approximately 20 further companies at varying stages of certification. We were also delighted to welcome China’s fifth GWO member in 2021, with the accession of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute in June. Historically, China’s leading manufacturer of high-speed trains and rail infrastructure, since 2006 CRRC Windpower has built upon its ambition of becoming an important force in global clean energy with a total installed capacity of 8.2GW by the end of 2020.

The Committee is also in active discussion with several of the largest wind energy employers in China and we hope to add further new leading members in 2022. In addition to our focus on growth, the Committee has worked hard to share knowledge with the industry. There is a genuine interest from training providers to deliver more advanced trainings from the portfolio in addition to basic safety. This work is beginning to bear fruit as several companies have become certified in Advanced Rescue Training, Blade Repair and the new Lift User standard launched in 2021.