A Global Training Community

Jacob Fredriksen, SGRE Head of Global Training 

GWO asked Jacob Frederiksen for his thoughts on a global training community

How important is it that GWO standards are used across the world?

As a global company, SGRE relies on the standardised training product - applicable no matter where in the world- that GWO provides. There’s no way we (or any other member) could achieve the necessary competencies at locally market rate all by ourselves. Through the standards we also gain tangible proof of safety competencies for our customers and through our value chain.

How can GWO help best to bring down global barriers to wind safety training?

For GWO members it’s still worth remembering how different the world would be if we didn’t have the mobility of workforce GWO standards facilitate. As a forum where members, training providers and training participants can build consensus and seek compromise, GWO has an important role in removing global barriers. But national requirements do still exist and where learning outcomes are the same bridging these recognitions remains key for GWO. 

What are the key challenges facing GWO? 

GWO adds immense value to the standards training market- I’m in no doubt. As I see it, the two challenges for GWO are: how does it move forward with truly global standards and how deliver a truly global footprint?