February 10, 2020

Auditor Qualification Training - Massachusetts Maritime Academy

AQT courses will take place in multiple locations throughout 2020  

GWO training grew 83% in North America during 2019. To meet the demands of wind turbine manufacturers, developers and contractors for a skilled workforce, there is a significant need for more qualified auditors, capable of certifying GWO training centers.

To help meet this demand, GWO has announced the first of its 2020 Auditor Qualification Training courses in North America; a one and a half day program giving auditors the skills, knowledge and capabilities to recognise good GWO training when they see it.

The first course of 2020 will be delivered at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the second oldest maritime academy in the United States. Further courses will be added to the calendar later in the year.


Brian Walencik, EHS Director, Americas at GE Renewables and Chair of the GWO North America Committee, explains:
“We want to double the size of the GWO training network inNorth America by the end of 2020. To make this happen, training providers inNorth America need more locally based certification bodies to choose from. AuditorQualification Training is a fantastic option for certification bodies. Providedthe certification body and the lead auditors in your team meet the requirementsof the GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies, they’ll can attend the day and ahalf AQT course and become authorized to certify GWO training centers straightaway.”  

What does Auditor Qualification Training teach auditors to do?

  • You will learn how to conduct audits on training providers in accordance with the GWO Criteria for Training Providers. This includes the capability to audit training providers who want to deliver GWO training, either as a first-time certification or as a means of adding new modules to their existing certification
The training is free of charge and will be delivered in english by an experienced GWO auditor.
Receive expert tuition into specific competencies relating to GWO standards such as:
  • Understanding the standards. Each GWO Standard contains learning objectives, which in turn consist of lessons and elements designed to achieve those learning objectives
  • You will be taught to recognise what is and what isn't good training and how to observe this during an audit
  • Become familiar with essential elements of safety training, particularly the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)


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