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Certification Bodies
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Criteria for certification bodies
Auditor Qualification Training
If you want to deliver GWO training, you must be certified by a Certification Body listed on our web site. If they are not listed, your certification will be rejected

Certification bodies are required to audit training providers wishing to offer GWO certified training.

This process certifies a training provider to conduct training according to GWO standards using the required equipment in an appropriate environment.

The certification body examines if a training provider complies with the four pillars described in the Criteria for Training Providers

Once a certification body has certified a training provider, they will perform surveillance audits at regular intervals. This framework is designed to ensure training providers maintain the expected quality within their training, personnel, training environment and the equipment.

Requirements for certification

  • Must be accredited to ISO 17021/17065
  • At least two audit members must either have completed and/or witnessed a full GWO course equivalent to the training standard the audit is performed against or complete GWO Auditor Qualification Training.
  • From 1 April 2019, certification bodies must document to GWO compliance with the criteria for certification bodies. Failure to do so will result in certificates being rejected.

For a full list of requirements, please review the GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies