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Criteria for Temporary License as Merit Assessor

GWO members will expect newly qualified technicians working on their wind turbines to have a valid GWO BTT Certificate from 31/03/2018. 

GWO has developed a merit process that enables companies to assess existing qualifications and training among staff and merit those that fulfill the criteria to an equivalent GWO training record in WINDA

The merit process is intended for use by new GWO members and other companies who wish to migrate to future use of GWO Safety Training Standards and to the GWO database WINDA for verification, and wish to establish recognition for previous non-certified safety training of their personnel.

The merit process will enable companies to recognize the safety competences compliant to the GWO Safety Training Standards for a population of technicians that need a merit record of training to perform their duties, and where these technicians have their competences from other wind industry relevant training than GWO Standard Training.

The merit process includes a formal application, gap analysis and documentation as described in the Criteria for Merit Assessor and a subsequent video audit. You can read the full Criteria for Merit Assessor here

(If you are unable to access the critera on the above link, please email, where you can request the standard be sent by email).

The GWO secretariat hosted a webinar on the merit process in June of 2017. You can watch the webinar which also included updates on the BST and BTT here. The part regarding the merit process begins at 56:56.

You can ontact the GWO secretariat for a template for a gap analysis matrix by sending an email to

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Please read the current GWO Standards and Criteria or see our in-depth FAQ-section
You are always welcome to contact the GWO secretariat here.

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