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What are the costs?

The costs of certification and audit is a commercial agreement between you and your Certifying Body. 

When certified, there is an annual licensing fee of 650 Euro to GWO. When the fee has been paid, you will  be allowed to use the "Certified Training Provider" logo, your company will be displayed on the Training Provider Map and you will be granted access to WINDA.

On October 17, 2016, GWO implemented a global database of training records named WINDA. In the Criteria for Training Providers v. 5 it became a requirement for Training Providers to upload records of all completed GWO certified training. The fee associated with WINDA is set at 10€ per training record (one fee per module).

You can read more about the annual fee and what it covers here and you can read more about WINDA here.

Want to learn more?

Please read the current GWO Standards and Criteria or see our in-depth FAQ-section. 
You are always welcome to contact the GWO secretariat here

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