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Training and certification criteria updated

Training providers and certification bodies will be required to follow the latest versions of the GWO criteria from April 1 2019.

GWO has strengthened its governance framework to ensure an increased compliance focus from certification bodies and training providers.
Both the Criteria for Training Providers and Certification Bodies have been updated to include a number of new requirements that place a greater emphasis on training risk management and the transparency and quality of audits. The new versions will come into full effect on 1st April 2019.
Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation explained: "Version 5 of the Criteria for Certification Bodies and Version 7 of the Criteria for Training Providers were published today. These criteria represent a major step forward in our governance framework. We have listened to feedback from training providers and certification bodies and have implemented several changes to improve transparency and quality."

Key changes to GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies include:

  • GWO Auditor Workshops will be convened in 2019 and beyond to provide certification bodies and auditors with an additional means of meeting the criteria. Documented attendance at workshops will allow auditors to meet the criteria in addition to or instead of existing obligations to participate in or witness a GWO training
  • Information regarding certification bodies' documentation of the above will be published on the GWO web site
  • Allowance for audit on basis of ISO 17065 (service provider) and/or 17021 (management systems)  
Key changes to GWO Criteria for Training Providers include:

  • Added requirement for training providers to make a process to report incidents if they have the potential to cause a fatality or life altering injury.
  • Requirement to ensure training areas are completely free of distractions
  • Requirement to ensure delegates are well rested and show no signs of fatigue

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GWO Half Year Report 2018

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