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GWO launches Advanced Rescue and Enhanced First Aid training

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Life saving: Wind turbines' increased size and remote locations led GWO members to create two new training standards for Advanced Rescue and Enhanced First Aid

Global Wind Organisation has launched two new training standards today, designed to elevate the life saving and rescue skills of technicians working on wind turbines.
The Enhanced First Aid (EFA) and Advanced Rescue Training (ART) standards have been created by broad-based working groups comprising GWO member companies and training providers.

They deliver in turn the appropriate training and skills that will help technicians stablise a casualty in the event of a potentially life threatening illness or trauma, and elevate rescuer self-reliance so that casualties can be successfully transported to a point where emergency responders can provide care. 

Bente Boa, Head of Learning and Development at Ørsted, is leader of the Enhanced First Aid Working Group. She explained: "GWO Enhanced First Aid is a standard that will align and improve the overall lifesaving skills of our workforce. Windpower technicians often work in remote areas where there is no immediate access to medical assistance. Giving them the skills to stabilize a casualty and take a leadership role in first aid will help save lives.”   

Mats van Amen, HSE Specialist for Netherlands, Belgium and Germany at MHI Vestas Offshore Wind contributed to the ART Working Group. He explained: "Professional responders won't always have the resources available to climb a turbine and perform a rescue. The GWO ART standard gives employers an option to train technicians when this risk requires it."
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