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GWO side event at WindEurope 2017 Conference and Exhibition

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GWO hosted a side event, Training for Safety, at the WindEurope Conference and Exhibition 2017.
Based on feed-back and evaluation from the more than 100 participants from different stakeholder groups meeting at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, the event was successful.

It was motivating to see that GWO is determined to take into account the feedback and know-how of the suppliers, and Tescinor is firmly convinced that this is the right way to increase the quality of training, and at the same time feel that we are part of a community of collaborative partners” said Etor Iraola from the GWO certified Training Provider Tesicnor.

The event included presentations by Claus Rose Chairman of GWO, John Barrie GWO Training Committee Chair, Sabas Herranz GWO Steering Committee member, Jakob Lau Holst CEO and a panel debate including representatives from Training Providers and Certification Bodies.

During the panel discussions, attending GWO Training Providers and Certification Bodies united in a clear request to GWO to focus on improving the quality of audits, in particular to ensure auditors are able to evaluate the quality of training.

The presentations from the side event can be found here

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