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GWO Supports US wind industry campaign

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US Wind power is one of the fastest growing global markets, creating over 100,000 jobs in communities across the country

Global Wind Organisation is proud to support American Wind Week, in celebration of wind power emerging in 2017 as America's #1 sources of renewable energy capacity.

The campaign, inaugurated by The American Wind Energy Association aims to further raise the profile of wind energy in the United States with lawmakers and public to ensure the country maintains and improves upon its current expansion of wind power projects.

Nowhere has this campaign been more clearly expressed than in the job creation potential of wind power. According to AWEA, wind turbine technician is one of the fastest growing professions in the country, supported by over 500 U.S factories in the supply chain and a proud role in the re-employment of veterans, some 72% higher than the national workforce average.

Jauregui: "GWO will enthusiastically support American wind power"

Eloy Jauregui, Chairman of Global Wind Organisation and Health & Safety Representative at Acciona, says the campaign is a welcome sign America is now taking its place as a global leader in the wind power industry.

"More than 7GW of capacity were installed in the United States during 2017, a healthy 9% increase on the previous year. Now, with the recent capacity auctions from East coast states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and others, the country's offshore potential is now set to be unleashed.

"GWO will enthusiastically support the American wind energy industry as it begins this fascinating new chapter in its history." 

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