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EFA completes second pilot test

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Both the Advanced Rescue Training (ART) and Enhanced First Aid (EFA) Training standards remain on track for launch on October 1 2018

The Enhanced First Aid working group completed a successful three day pilot test of the standard at the end of June, and GWO members are looking forward to its release in Autumn.

On June 26-28 Rescue Center Denmark conducted the pilot test for the EFA training, which will provide skills for technicians to preserve the life of an injured colleague, especially when medical assistance is not physically available.

GWO training standards are scoped, designed and developed under the expert guidance of GWO Working Groups, with the support and advice of GWO Training Committee Advisor Haben Zekarias and Senior Training Advisor, Jakob Bjørn Nielsen

Haben explained: "After more than a year's work, we are on track to deliver the Enhanced First Aid training standard in October. The feedback from members has been good, a number of which sent delegations of their own to the most recent pilot so that they could preview the training which they will provide for many of their technicians."

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