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Blade Repair Standard approaches development stage

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The increasing scale of wind turbine blades is likely to drive demand for safety and technical skills. GWO's Blade Repair Standard is being developed to support members' training needs now and in the future.

The Global Wind Organisation Blade Repair Working Group continues to progress rapidly, with the standard approaching phase three of five (Development). The group met in June to discuss initial specifications which will be presented to GWO leadership shortly.

"We are now able to explain simply what the standard is," said Jakob Bjørn Nielsen, Senior Training Advisor at Global Wind Organisation. "The GWO Blade Repair Training Standard will provide delegates with the skills to work in an environment where accessibility, risks from chemicals and general safety present immediate danger at all times. In addition, there is a high level of technical craftsmanship which the training will also enable."
Welcoming new member Katja Bonde to the Working Group, have now agreed that the initial specification provides a constructive overview for the Training and Steering Committees to review. "The new standard will fill a gap in the market and aligns with the risk assessments provided by members."
Once it moves into stage 3: Development, the working group will develop learning objectives specific to the skill set. This is best illustrated by the fact that numerous learning objectives for Blade Repair relate to safe procedures and understanding of what to do when handling chemicals.

"This is a highly skilled role," said Jakob Bjørn. "The learning objectives will ensure technicians are able to, for example, be capable of applying procedures for handling transfer of chemicals and demonstrate their knowledge of how to conduct equipment checks before said transfer. At present, there are various ways to teach these skills. The GWO standard aims to improve upon them by a collaborative approach between all the major players who are our members."  

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