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Almost 50% of training providers complete Sea Survival Review

GWO would like to thank all those who responded to our first standards review. 46% of all Sea Survival certified training providers completed our questionnaire, which closed on 30th June.

The project was the first of its kind for GWO and will be repeated for all of our training modules going forward. Responses will be compiled by the GWO Secretariat and fed into the BST Standard Review process for consideration by the GWO Training Committee.     

Jakob Bjørn Nielsen, Senior Training Advisor, explained: "I think the fact we received so many responses shows how engaged GWO stakeholders, particularly training providers, are. We were very pleased to see so many instructors and training programme managers providing their thoughts to the review. The vast majority (88%) of responses came from GWO certified training providers and the insights will help us update the standard module in time for its release on October 1st 2018."

Highlights from the BST Sea Survival Review

A total of 30 responses were collected in the BST Sea Survival module review, the vast majority coming from instructors or training programme managers at GWO certified training providers. 

Our survey process asks respondents to consider the lessons contained within any given GWO training standard module and whether the learning objectives are achieved. 

The average response time to complete the survey was 17 minutes, a fact worth considering for those contributing to further questionnaires.

"This is an ongoing process and we really appreciate the time spent by people to complete the questionnaires," added Jakob Bjørn Nielsen. "A number of companies are committing considerable time and energy to providing their input. My key point is that stakeholders stand to get back proportionately what they put into the process. We want to provide more ways to engage and be transparent about why and how GWO training standards develop."  

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