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WINDA - more functionality to come

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At GWO we listen to your feedback. As a result, a larger update to WINDA will be released during the fall of 2017.
We have especially listened to Training Providers’ feedback with regards to uploads of training records and how we can improve this function.

We are currently reviewing about 50 different updates and changes to WINDA. We are working on the different aspects and impacts of the updates to the overall database functionality before we commence development.

The general feedback we have received is that WINDA is easy to use, fast and responsive. We will ensure that WINDA retains these three key points in this update and any other updates going forward.

The WINDA update in the fall of 2017 contains among other things:

Update to existing functionality
  • Enabling Training Providers to operate multiple sites from one log-in account
  • Enabling Training Provider admins to change their own details and not be dependent on co-admins
  • Enabling Training Provider admins to sort staff users between active and inactive
  • Enabling Training Providers to see and modify description field before upload and modify description before and after purchase
  • Enabling Training Providers to see the content that is uploaded including WINDA ID and Delegate names prior to purchasing upload
  • Enabling Training Providers to see the name of the Delegate when entering the WINDA ID for single course upload
  • Enabling Training Providers to request GWO to revoke training records directly in WINDA
  • Enabling Training Providers to download and sort data they have uploaded
  • All users will see a notification when entering a non-existing WINDA ID in the search window
  • Update to grid view displaying training records including function to sort columns freely
  • Option for Delegates to request a new WINDA ID to their existing profile
New functionality:
  • Separate page accessible for all users containing all GWO certified Training Providers which are searchable by name, address and GWO modules
  • Survey option for trained Delegates to deliver feedback on the training received directly in WINDA and public scoring of training received from the Training Provider
  • Possible future Safety Alert function
More information regarding the new functionality will be communicated when we get closer to the release.

Want to learn more?

Please read the current GWO Standards and Criteria or see our in-depth FAQ-section.
You are always welcome to contact the GWO secretariat here.

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